ColdFusion Installation Screen 1

HOW-TO Install ColdFusion 9

Prerequisites: Install your IIS6 or IIS7, Apache, SUN

If you are installing ColdFusion 9 on a windows server with IIS, you will need the following features

  • ISAPIExtensions
  • ISAPI Filters
  • IIS 6 Metabase Compatibility

Note: If you are installing the Developer Version, there is an option for a built in web server.

  1. ColdFusion 9 Installation How-To
    Auto Run your CD or Double Click the installation file, you will see this screen as it extracts the compressed files.
    ColdFusion Installation Screen 1
  2. Introduction
    Welcome to the installation Wizard of Adobe ColdFusion 9, Adobe recommends that you exit from all running applications before proceeding. This is more then a recommendation, some applications may cause the installation to fail.
    ColdFusion 9 Installation Screen 2
  3. License Agreement
    Installation and Use of Adobe ColdFusion 9 Requires Acceptance of the Following License Agreement. Accept the terms or end installation process now.
  4. Install Type
    If you do not have a serial number, select either 30-day trial or Developer Edition. NOTE: Developer Edition only allows 2 CPU’s connected at a time. Your SQL server and if your a black hat, the Reverse Proxy HTML Wrapper. If your a White Hat, then it will be your workstation computer.
    ColdFusion 9 Instillation Screen 4
  5. Installer Configuration
    Your choice; Server Configuration, Enterprise Multi-Server configuration & J2EE Configuration. In my step-by-step example I am using the Server Configuration. If you expect server growth I would recommend Enterprise Multi-Werver configuration.
    ColdFusion 9 Installation Screen 5
  6. Sub-Component Installation
    Select the sub-components to install: Coldfusion 9 ODBC Services, Coldfusion 8 Search Services, ColdFusion 9 Solr Services, .NET Integration Services, ColdFusion 9 Documentation
    Coldfusion 9 Instillation Screen 6
  7. Select Installation Directory
    Select the directory where you want to install Adobe ColdFusion 9. The default directory is C:\ColdFusion9
  8. Configure Web Servers / Websites
    If IIS is NOT installed on your system the “All IIS websites” will not be an option. You will however have the option for Apache and SUN’s version of a web server. Or if you are installing the Developer Edition you have the option for a built in web server. I recommend Apache/Linux install. However, In my installation I will be using IIS 7 on Windows Server 2008 Standard.
    ColdFusion 9 Installation Screen 8
  9. Choose Adobe ColdFusion 9 Administrator Location
    Select the location of the web root for Adobe ColdFusion 9. This is where the installer places the Adobe ColdFusion 9 Administrator. This directory must be the web root for one of the websites to be configured for use with Adobe ColdFusion 9. If configuring an IIS website, you must set scripts to be executable.  Default directory: C:\inetpub\wwwroot
    ColdFusion 9 Installation Screen 9
  10. Administrator Password
    Enter the password that you will use to restrict access to the ColdFusion Administrator. *This field is required.
    ColdFusion 9 Installation Screen 10
  11. Enable RDS
    The ColdFusion Remote Development Servers (RDS) lets developers using Adobe tools remotely connect to this server for development purposes. RDS is required for Line Debugging, Report Builder, and Dreamweaver Extensions.  YOU WILL WANT THIS. Unless this is a production server and you have already debugged and tested your applications.
    ColdFusion 9 Installation Screen 11
  12. Pre Installation Summary
    Review the installation options, Type, Licensing, Directories and Server Information.
    ColdFusion 9 Installation Screen 12
  13. Installing Adobe ColdFusion 9
    Congratulations! You’re on your way to developing the next generation of web applications with Adobe ColdFusion 9.
    ColdFusion 9 Installation Screen 13
    ColdFusion Installation Screen 14
    ColdFusion 9 Installation Screen 15
    ColdFusion 9 Installation Screen 16
  14. Please Wait
    Please wait, Adobe Coldfusion 9 is being configured for your system. This may take a moment…
    ColdFusion Installation Screen 17
  15. Installation Complete
    You have successfully completed the first step in installing Adobe ColdFusion 9. To configure your server please see my write up on Step by Step ColdFusion 9 Configuration.
    ColdFusion 9 Installation Screen 18



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