HOW-TO change the default value of a empty webpart

SharePoint 2007

Step by Step – Change the default value for a empty WebPart

When I create a new webpart that has an empty list the default value looks alot like this “To create a new item, click “New” or “Upload” above.” or “There are no items to show in the view of the ‘NAME OF DOCUMENT LIBRARY’. To create a new item, click ‘New’ or ‘Upload’ above. ”  However in my scenario I have removed the menu bar.  So I need to change this note.

NOTE: With a standard webpart this option is grayed out. So you will need to convert your webpart to a XSLT Data View.

1.Right click on your webpart in the view pane, and click “Convert to XSLT Data View…”

2.From the Data View menu on your task bar select “Data View Properties…”

3.On the General Tab you will see a check box “Display text if no matching items are found:”

4.Change text and click OK.



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