SQL Check DATABASE Restore Percentage

A simple method to check estimated completion time for a database that is currently being restored in SQL

.NET Framework Required

HOW TO – SQL Server 2008 Installation

PREREQUISITE:MS SQL Server 2008 requires .NET framework and windows installer. If these two components are not installed in your system it will prompt you to install both of them automatically if you have Internet connected on your system:

  1. Prompt for the Prerequisite
    .NET Framework Required
  2. Extracting files require by the installer.
    Extracting Prerequisite files
  3. Loading setup to install prerequisites
    Loading Setup Files for Prerequisites
  4. .NET License agreement. Click “Install >” to proceed (downloading files from web).
    .NET License & Terms of Agreement
  5. Downloading components from Microsoft’s website.
    Downloading .NET Framework
  6. Installing downloaded components.
    Installing .NET Components
  7. Update Complete
    .NET Setup Complete
  8. Now install the “Windows Installer” component to its latest release. Follow the following windows respectively.
    Click Next to proceed and install “Windows Installer”
    Setup - Windows Installer
  9. License Terms & Agreement, Read & Click Next.
    Windows Installer License Agreement
  10. Start Installation of Windows Installer.
    Windows Installer - Backing Up Files and Applying Updates
  11. Restart services required by windows installer.
    Stopping services for windows installer
  12. You should now have .NET & Windows Installer and any hot fix’s on your system, your preresiqute are complete.
    HOT FIX KB942288-v3 Finishing
  13. Reboot your computer
    Required to Reboot

INSTALLATION: Follow this procedure to install Microsoft SQL Server 2008:

  1. Choose the Installation section displayed in the Left side of the wizard.
    SQL 2008 Planning window
  2. Installation will look like something like below; Select the first option to install the SQL Server 2008.
    SQL 2008 Installation Screen
  3. Setup will now run support rules to checkup & optimize your system’s configuration for SQL Server 2008.
    Please wait screen
  4. Rule Check in Progress
    Setup Support Rules
  5. If you have passed all your support rules then the following screen will appear.
    Rule check complete
  6. Click “OK” in the above screen to proceed installing the SQL Server.
    Please wait screen
  7. Type in your product key and click “Next” to proceed further.
    Enter SQL 2008 Product Key
  8. License agreement “I accept” to continue.
    SQL 2008 License Agreement
  9. Setup Support Files, click “Next” to continue.
    Setup Support Files
  10. Run the setup rules again, click “Next” to proceed
    Rerunning the support rules
  11. Select components needed for your installation then click “Next”. Note for clustered installations,only Database Services & Analysis Services can be clustered.
    SQL 2008 Feature Selection
  12. Setup the name and Instant ID for the SQL Configuration. Default instance (normally localhost).
    Disk Requirement Check for space
  13. Disk space requirements. Scans all drives, you can change the location of the installation during the instillation step 16.
  14. Now, in this window you can define server configurations that which service will run under which account name of your system. Or you can also use same account name for all services by clicking on button “Use the same account for all SQL Server services”
    Server Configuration selection
  15. Clicking on the “Use the same account for all SQL Server services” button in the above screen will display the following window; select the account name from Account Name field.
    Specify username and password for system accounts
  16. Database Engine Configuration, authentication & data directories. Windows authentication mode or Mixed mode.Mixed mode will allow the SQL Server to also run its own authentication. Data directories tab you can specify the SQL Server Installation location.
    Database engine configuration, authentication & data directories.
  17. Error and usage reporting. Big Brother.
    Error Reporting
  18. Installation Rules, setup will determine if any part of the installation will be blocked.
    Installation Rules
  19. So, now you are ready to install SQL Server 2008.
    Ready to Install
  20. Installation in progress, this process could take 30 to 45 mins. Now would be a good time for a break.
    Installation in progress

Setup is complete. Remember to reboot.

CODE – TSQL returns a string with the first letter of each word in uppercase

Language: TSQL
Tested: MSSQL 2005,2008

Return a string with the first letter of each word in uppercase, all other letters in lowercase (capitalize first character).

[skill_bar heading=”Difficulty” percent=”10%” bar_text=”SQL”]

CODE – TSQL returns an octect i (1-4) from an IP

CODE – TSQL returns true if the number is abundant

CODE – TSQL returns true if the string has valid alphanumeric characters

CODE – TSQL returns true if the string is a valid binary number

CODE – TSQL returns true if the number is deficient

CODE – TSQL returns true if the input is empty

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