HOW-TO Have a webpart open links in new browser window

SharePoint 2007

Step by Step – Have a WebPart open links in a new window or target

I have seen allot of complicated write-ups on how to do this, everything from custom web parts, to having a field containing HTML and using the concat function to display it as HTML. This is how I was able to do it with a few clicks of a mouse. Here are two easy methods.

Method 1 

Note: Assuming that every link on this page will be opened in a new window or target frame. 

1. Open your ASPX Page containing your Web Parts.

2. Right click in the view pain and click “Page Properties…”

3. In the Page Properties window change the “Default target frame:” option.

Method 2

Note: Assuming you are comfortable with converting your WepPart to a XSLT Data View

1. Right click on your Web Part in the view pane and click “Convert to XSLT Data View”

2. Right click on any Hyper Link and goto “Hyper Link Properties”

3. in the Edit Hyperlink window click the button on the right that says “Target Frame”

4. Change your target settings to New Window or whatever variant you need

5. Ok. Ok. Save. Done

CODE – SharePoint conditional browser css formatting

Browser Conditional Expression SharePoint 2010


Conditional Formatting

HTML Conditional browser css formatting Expression.


SharePoint 2010 improved CSS Browser Conditional Expression


CSS Registration

HTML CSS Registration

SharePoint 2010 CSS Registration

Change Layout

HOW-TO Remove tool bar from webpart

SharePoint 2007

Step by Step – How to remove the tool bar from a webpart 

Open Sharepoint Designer, Add your webpart zone, Add your webpart

When you hover over your webpart in the view pain of the SharePoint Designer there will be a spreadsheet icon to click.

Navigate down to Change Layout

Change Layout

The List View Options window will appear, you can then uncheck the Show toolbar with options for:, or you can change the tool bar to Summary toolbar

List view options

HOW-TO change the default value of a empty webpart

SharePoint 2007

Step by Step – Change the default value for a empty WebPart

When I create a new webpart that has an empty list the default value looks alot like this “To create a new item, click “New” or “Upload” above.” or “There are no items to show in the view of the ‘NAME OF DOCUMENT LIBRARY’. To create a new item, click ‘New’ or ‘Upload’ above. ”  However in my scenario I have removed the menu bar.  So I need to change this note.

NOTE: With a standard webpart this option is grayed out. So you will need to convert your webpart to a XSLT Data View.

1.Right click on your webpart in the view pane, and click “Convert to XSLT Data View…”

2.From the Data View menu on your task bar select “Data View Properties…”

3.On the General Tab you will see a check box “Display text if no matching items are found:”

4.Change text and click OK.