BEST METHOD – Restore SharePoint in a farm installation

There are allot of best methods for backing up and restoring sites within SharePoint, but until you actually try to do it, you will find out that most have never been tested or even put into practice. Difference between piratical book knowledge and experience. Here are are my experiences.

Notes: You need to know the Server Version of the backup; because SharePoint will only allow you to restore sites with the same server version. To find the server version Navigate to SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration, Operations Tab, Click on Servers in Farm link. In this example I made walk-through I made a backup of a site and will restore it to a new server farm.

1. Windows SharePoint Services Timer MUST be disabled during the backup procedures, just in case of interruptions. I have had a few backups that were in the gig and tera regions that have failed restoring because of this.
2.The backup must reside at a network address example \\MyBackUpServer\SharePoint\Farm

  1. Open Services running on the SharePoint Server and Disable Windows SharePoint Services Timer
  2. Open a Command Line and CMD and at the Prompt type %CommonProgramFiles%\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\BIN\stsadm -o restore -directory \\MyBackUpServer\SharePoint\Farm -RestoreMethod NEW -item “Farm\Windows SharePoint Services Web Application\MYAPPNAME”
    1. Follow the stsadm prompts
    2. Login Name: SQLSERVER LOGIN
    3. Password:*********
      *INPORTANT: There is a bug in the restore method the original folder name from IIS is not saved in the backup so it will not be remembered. period. The SharePoint site restores only to the port number! Take this into consideration.*
    4. New Web Application URL:http://mysites.postfix.prefix:portnumber
    5. New Web Application Name:IISWEBSITENAME
    6. New Database Server Name:MySQLServer\SQLInstance
      *this is the folder on your SQL Server*
    7. New Directory Name:D:\InstanceRoot\MSSQL10.SERVER_NAME\MSSQL\DATA
    8. New Database Name:SQLDATABASE_NAME
  3. iisrest /noforce